Lidocaine Drip for Pain: 

Benefits for patients with fibromyalgia, arthritic pain, chronic joint pain, IBS, menstrual cramping, migraines, myofascial pain syndrome, and back pain.

It targets neuropathic pain and could inhibit spontaneous ectopic discharges of an injured nerve. 



Boost your immune system to help fight COVID, flu, cold, and allergies 

30 Min Tx 500 ml 

1 Hr Tx  1000 ml  


Myers’ Cocktail 

Anti-inflammatory, immunity, reduction of fatigue, and helps sports performance.

30 min Tx 500 ml 

1 hr Tx 1000 ml 

Recovery & Performance: 

Enhances athletic performance, metabolism, blood flow & circulation, and supports the immune system. Helps in recovery from hangovers, fights the flu and cold, stops brain fog, and is anti-aging.

1 Hr Tx 1000 ml 

Inner Beauty: 

Supports hair, skin, and nail health. Strengthens immune system. Is anti-aging, and stops brain
fog. It increases metabolism and helps in athletic recovery.

30 Min Tx 500 ml 

1 Hr Tx 1000 ml 



Hydration, anti-aging, athletic recovery and performance, strengthens immune system, Headaches and Hangovers, Cold and flu recovery, or prevention, Enhances Blood Flow and Circulation 

1 Hr Tx 1000 ml 



Anti-Inflammatory, alleviates IBS, PMS, Helps joint pain, back pain, headaches and anxiety.

30 Min Tx 5oo ml

1 Hr Tx 1000 ml



Powerful antioxidant and beneficial to fight many diseases as the strongest anti-aging supplement. Help metabolize toxins and activates enzymes that assist in metabolizing alcohol and drugs from system. 

Add to any treatment!



L-glutathione is the Strongest anti-oxidant comprised of amino acids cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid. Play an important part in removing toxins, such as mercury from the brain and other cells. Fights the effects of aging. 

Add to any IV!

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