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Testosterone Therapy at Axis HealthCare

Testosterone in a natural hormone produced by males. When men age their level of testosterone decreases. There are others factors besides age that can affect low testosterone. Dietary choices and medications can also be contributors. Axis HealthCare has treatments available to help influence testosterone levels, such as testosterone therapy. We can help you take back control. Make an appointment today so we can discuss your options for low  testosterone therapy.

Testosterone Aging

Most men think that they just have to live with the fatigue, the low libido, the weight gain, no drive, etc…as their testosterone decreases over time. But there is a solution! Testosterone therapy has been known to increase testosterone which increases energy, drive, libido, strength, etc…and it helps reverse erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone with Age
Low Testosterone Treatment Benefits

Testosterone Therapy Benefits

Testosterone plays a huge role for your body and affects so many things. It’s one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction and fatigue. Testosterone therapy can benefit your mind and your body. The results of the treatments cause increases in energy and strength. Patients have also been able to get better sleep, feel less irritable, and have increased concentration.

Program Options

We have both insurance and cash plans available for as low as $180 a month. This includes all Provider visits, labs, and medications.

Our program is designed to get you started on testosterone therapy within the first 24-48 hours of your consultation appointment.

We make our treatments super affordable so patients can get the help they need.

Call us today to schedule your initial consultation and we will go over your treatment options at that time.

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