Occupational Health Services at Axis HealthCare 


At Axis HealthCare, we prioritize the well-being of both employees and employers by offering comprehensive occupational health services tailored to meet the unique needs of workplaces. Our specialized team is dedicated to promoting a healthy and safe working environment. 

Our Services: 

Pre-Employment Health Assessments 

We conduct thorough health assessments to ensure prospective employees are fit for specific job requirements, contributing to a safer and more productive workforce. 

Work-Related Injury Care 

In the event of work-related injuries or accidents, our clinic provides prompt and expert care, aiming to facilitate recovery and ensure a swift return to work. 

Occupational Health Screenings 

We offer a range of screenings and tests tailored to assess and manage occupational health risks, including hearing tests, respiratory evaluations, and exposure monitoring. 

Health and Wellness Programs 

Our clinic collaborates with businesses to design and implement wellness initiatives aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, reducing workplace stress, and enhancing overall employee well-being. 

Disability Evaluations 

We provide comprehensive evaluations to assess work-related disabilities, offering guidance on accommodations and rehabilitation to support employees in their return to work. 

Occupational Health Consultations 

Our team offers expert advice and consultations to employers on various occupational health concerns, aiming to improve workplace safety and compliance with health regulations. 

Services & Pricing:

Urine Analysis (UA) Testing 

UA, 12 Panel Basic Screen (Positive/Negative) $30 

UA, 12 Panel Basic Screen (Positive/Negative) $30 

Post-Accident UA, 12 Panel $200 


Alcohol Testing 

Alcohol Test $30 

Alcohol Test After Working Hours $200 



Hepatitis B, 3 Series Vaccination (Complete Vaccination) $250 


Audiometric Testing 

Hearing (Audiometric) Testing, Per Person $30 

Hearing (Audiometric) Testing, Per Person $30 


Respirator Fit Test 

Respirator (Cartridge) Fit Test, Per Person $90 

Respirator (Cartridge) Fit Test, Per Person $90 



Physical $60 

Grip Test 

Grip Test $10 

12-Lead EKG 

12-Lead EKG $75 


Visual Acuity 

Visual Acuity $18 


Osha Questionnaire 

Osha Questionnaire $60 

Pulmonary Function Test 

Pulmonary Function Test $172 


Tetanus Shot 

Tetanus Shot $55 



Spirometry $32 

    Why Choose Us: 

    • Experienced Occupational Health Specialists: Our team consists of skilled healthcare professionals with expertise in occupational medicine, dedicated to ensuring a healthy work environment. 

    • Tailored Solutions: We understand the diverse needs of workplaces and offer customized solutions to address specific occupational health challenges. 

    • Efficient and Timely Services: We prioritize efficiency and strive to provide timely assessments and care, minimizing downtime for employees and employers. 

    • Collaborative Approach: We work closely with employers to understand their needs, offering proactive solutions and fostering a partnership for better workplace health. 

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    For inquiries, consultations, or to learn more about our occupational health services, please reach out to us at (918) 268-6558 or email us at info@axis-healthcare-tulsa-hills.websitepro.hosting. We are committed to partnering with you to create a healthier and safer work environment for your organization. 

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