Suboxone Addiction Treatment

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What is Suboxone?
Buprenorphine/Naloxone also known as Suboxone is a treatment that has been FDA approved and helps by blocking the receptors in the brain that crave opioids.

Suboxone Guidelines:
• On the day of treatment, the patient needs to come to the clinic already in opiate
withdrawal in order to not delay the treatment.

• Frequency of visits will depend on how the patient is progressing.

• Must let your Suboxone provider know before starting any medication prescribed by
another doctor.

• Random staff-observed urine testing will take place in order to detect early relapse and
to document progress during the treatment.



  • Dangerous and complex chronic disease management
  • Simpler than titrating insulin for a DKA or anticoagulation
  • Simply a “replacement” addiction
  • Addiction includes compulsion, loss of control and use despite consequences. Taking a prescribed medication to manage chronic illness does not meet this definition.
  • Detox for OUD is effective
  • No data showing this. May increase likelihood of OD by eliminating tolerance.
  • Suboxone is a the same as methadone
  • Methadone is a full agonist opioid, does not have a ceiling effect, therefore higher risk of overdose. Methadone has more drug interactions and prolongs the QT interval.
  • Suboxone is unsafe
  • It is extremely difficult to overdose on Suboxone due to “ceiling” effect. Naloxone component reduces risk of misuse.


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